The Choice of Liberation

A poke from my subconscious – If you want to be liberated You have to make the choice to choose every move you make, every decision you make has to be the best one for You.

If you want to be liberated, free, happy…You have to decide to choose Your happy. Only You can make decisions for your highest good. And when you choose your highest good the people around you benefit from your peaceful loving happiness.

You always have choices. Sometimes those choices suck. So pick the least sucky one for you. The one you can not only live with, but feel good about making.

On the flip side is a smorgasbord of amazing choices. What to do with the overload? Start with self-control, pause and tune in to what you really, really want. Do not fall for instant gratification. Take your time. The one meant for you will still be there when you make your choice. Pause. Lean into your inner desires. Listen until your brain slows down, stops the comparison game, and says This One. Solid and firm, not over excited and giddy.

To be liberated learn how to make decisions.

Written by Sarah Domin, April 21, 2020

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