Kindness & Respect to Heal

I see the biases against all beings. Very few are exempt from the current perpetrators. All beings. I apologize for my ancestors actions against your ancestors, but more importantly I give loving forgiveness to my ancestors for the part they played in that history. I focus on treating all beings with kindness and respect. All beings. Kindness. Respect. All the time. I cannot control how any being reacts. I can only control me, my reactions. I choose to react with Kindness and Respect.

We are all in this together. My plea is for unity. To open our eyes and our hearts to seeing past divisions created by people we don’t personally know. To stop buying into every new way of thinking and dividing us from each other.

If I see you down, I will reach out my hand. Regardless of what you look like, man or beast. Kindness & Respect.

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