Stand UP! Wake UP! Show UP!

My friend was talking about the current state of affairs and what is coming. She asked, “where will you be standing when the dust settles?”

I have had several epiphanies through our 2020 experiences to date. The past couple days of watching our cities burn and our people cry out in despair, fear, and rage, followed by this question, where will you be standing when the dust settles…

Consider this…
2020 lessons will continue until the majority find their heart center and wake up. Everything that has happened, is happening, is to open eyes and hearts. Let this year of chaos inspire you to reach out to your fellow man in support. More rage, seclusion, pulling back is not going to “fix” us, only open eyes, open arms, open hearts and a willingness to SHOW we are open to each other will fix us.

If you think this is naive, foolish, head-in-the-sand, Pollyanna, or impossible you might need to sit with yourself and figure out why you feel that way. Call me for some spiritual coaching to find your heart center and what has you all tangled up in there. We CAN take care of each other like reasonable, loving, kind human beings. If you are always waiting for the other person to be first, no one is ever first. Take the first step, reach out in support however you can. Stand UP! Take the first step. Be a kind, awake, aware human.

Peace & Love,

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