The Spiral of Healing & Learning

As a child it was common for beautiful bright colors to swirl behind my eyelids whenever I closed my eyes. As a young adult I started to find those swirling colors to be a nuisance that kept me from falling asleep. I set about swallowing the swirling colors with blackness. Over many years of practice, I was successful.

Skip forward a few years and my young daughter comes to me asking about swirling colors behind her eyelids that keep her from falling asleep. I tell her my technique and off she goes. She is successful in an amazingly short time.

Skip forward 25ish years and I am shocked at what I have learned about those swirling colors and their significance, and I mourn all the lost time I could have been working with them. Then I think of my daughter and the disservice I did her by teaching her to suppress them.

This morning, out of nowhere, this memory came up. What I now know is that my lifetime up until 8 years ago was shielded from learning the esoteric and metaphysical for a purpose. The purpose is that I had a full spectrum of emotional and physical life experiences in my short 44 years. I wonder if I would have had the same growth if I had easy access to the spiritual tools that I had to work so hard to find and develop? I don’t think so. As for my daughter, I now recognize that she is a powerful force who is walking her lifepath as it is intended.

We are all walking our chosen path. Listen to your higher guidance and follow the path that feels right in your heartspace.

Blessings to you throughout your human experience.



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