How Do You Worship?

I recently had a conversation with my young-adult employees about the differences between worshiping and praying to deities, teachers, guides, gods, goddesses, or Divine Source. In this spiritual realm it is common to say “I pray to (insert name of preferred patron/god/goddess/ascended master) for guidance”. The conversation was insightful for me because I have never taken a good look at my boundaries around this subject.

I “worship and pray” to Divine Source, both God and Sophia, as well as Gaia. I start most of my days and all of my ceremonies with a prayer to them for Divine truth, love, and wisdom to guide me.

My guides, guardians, teachers and ancestors, these I talk to, ask for guidance, as well as give thanks and tribute for their support. They are masters of their craft for sure and Divine in their own right, but I do not believe they are Source Creator. Is that worship? To me it is not. I believe there is One Divine Source of all creation.

Do my boundaries get blurry? Absolutely. This conversation helped me realize I have a pretty firm belief system and define how I practice. There is no right or wrong in how You practice. There also is no rule saying it has to stay the same your entire life. That is the beauty of this human adventure, free will and the ability to experience life the way you want it.

We are all Divine, it’s right there inside of you.

Live Your Best Life,

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