Qualifications and Finding My Confidence

Qualifications and Finding My Confidence

Sunday, August 22, 2021

11:48 AM

Hi! This summer has been a whirlwind of expanding business, both my retail shop and my healing practice. It has opened me up to many, many new people and opportunities. I had an opportunity to vend a local music festival this month and jumped on it. I was vending metaphysical wares and my friend was offering readings and energy healing. I’ve spent the past week processing the experience of having people straight up ask what qualified me and my friend to do what we “claim” to do. Sometimes the question was legitimate, a person unsure of what they were getting, but mostly the questions felt antagonistic and mocking. I felt put under the microscope. It was a big lesson in recognizing my own worth and finding the confidence to speak my truth. Over the course of 3 days I noticed that when I stumbled around trying to name names of people I have studied with, the person asking typically lost interest; when I started saying “I have spent 20 years studying many avenues of spirituality, have been attuned to a bundle of energy healing practices, and have a giant toolbox of life experience that I draw from”, the person asking nodded with respect and asked more questions with more curiosity to their voice and words. So, did their tone and words change or did my perspective change with my choice of words and tone?

I value every teacher I have had, whether paid or through life experience. I don’t discount the value of learning from a world renown shaman, Reiki Master, Life Coach, etc, but I feel that the age of paying big bucks for something that is innate to us as human beings is at an end. Many of those well-known teachers led many to the light, but also tried to limit how much “students” could access. Its a new world and the ancient mystery schools are open for business if you slow down, tap in, and trust what comes to you. Guidance and school isn’t a bad thing as long as it doesn’t limit you and your growth. Life experience is part of that school. The things we experience shape us or show us. My mom has always said, “no one can take away your education”. I will add to that by saying stay open to Life School lessons. I’m learning that when the words I’m trying to say refuse to come out, they are not the right words for me. Someday they will flow smoothly, until then I continue to welcome the lessons.

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