You make the choices

Originally written by me on Oct 4, 2018. Minor editing by me today 💜

Early this morning my significant other and I had a convo about being tied to a job that sucks the life out of you. The hopelessness of it. The feeling that you “have no choice” due to the many responsibilities we create for ourselves.

This is where I say: You. Have. A. Choice. You are only tied to anything because you want to be or because it is hella scary to make a major change, to “risk it all”. But ask yourself, what are you risking by finding a job that doesn’t suck the life out of you? A little less pay? Maybe, but maybe not. More expensive or less benefits? Maybe, but maybe not. So you take a small pay cut, but your stress drops significantly. Or you lose some paid vacation, but you have a job that lights you up. Please look deep inside and drop the victim mentality. We all have a choice. Always. For some they may be big choices, such as moving closer to an area with good paying jobs you are interested in. They may be choices that affect your ego such as car-pooling or finding a roommate. You may have to get some training or college classes. You may have to drive a bit further. There are always alternatives to a life-sucking job.

Much love to all of you on this journey called life. Please try to make it as pleasant for yourself as you can. Because only you can make the choices.

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