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My new online shop went live this week! I’m excited to offer affordable holistic healing certifications to you. Its been a dream of mine to make healing modalities affordable, to pull them out of the “privileged pricing” that is rampant. While I believe that adage, “the more you put in the more you get out” I do not believe that it applies to money. All of the energy healing modalities that I am attuned to have come to the original person free of charge, they were downloads! I am fortunate to be in a position to charge minimal fees for these. I’m certain others have different considerations than I, such as rent/lease payments, childcare, travel expenses, etc. By offering these courses as home-study with a distance attunement I am able to keep my costs low as well as respect the foundations of gratitude and giving back to my community. Both of these are important to me. So, please check out my new shop and if your curious about energy healing pick up a course. I look forward to meeting you!

Current courses:  Usui Reiki, all 3 degrees and Violet Flame Reiki. Attunements to Master level are included in the price of each. Each manual is emailed to you in PDF format that is easily printed or read on screen. All of my courses will certify you to teach and my manuals are available to use in the classes you teach or as a foundation to creating your own manual. 

Stay tuned to the shop as I will be adding a handful of new courses over the next few weeks and have plans to add many more by the end of the year.

Blessings to you for an abundant and prosperous 2023!

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