Happy 5th Birthday!

Four Directions Alchemy is turning 5!

Let’s Celebrate!

It’s been a fast and fabulous 5+ years. I’m grateful for all the people and lessons brought my way. Family, friends, and customers – you have all made the past five years a blessing to me and and together we have developed a community.

If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be a small business owner in less than a year, that I would eventually have multiple branches in that business, and no longer be working for someone else, I would have laughed at you. Being a business owner was never a dream of mine, but once I decided to do this massive thing, I dove in head first and learned how to understand business metrics, wholesale buying, taxes, commercial banking and real estate. Being a business owner has been a huge learning experience, and I’m sure the business will continue to teach me all the things I never knew I needed to know.
Many things have changed over the past five years. I’ve tested walk-in shop hours at different days and times, sought out services and locally made products from members of our community, and continuously refined our offerings. The resulting changes have led to a thriving business and community. My dedication to the business is stronger than ever. Your contributions and patronage have been noted and greatly appreciated!

Thank you to all who have inquired about the limited business hours. The current walk-in shopping schedule is based on customer participation as measured by sales over the past 4 years. Other opportunities to shop include Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. by appointment. Schedule your appointment to shop on the website, www.fourdirectionsalchemy.com. Into the foreseeable future you can count on the current schedule with occasional exceptions. The exceptions will always be posted on social media (FB/IG) and Google Business in advance of actual closing.

Thank You, to each of you who have supported Four Directions Alchemy. You make this community staple possible. I will always do my best to accommodate you while keeping myself and Four Directions Alchemy thriving and meeting as many of your metaphysical and spiritual needs as possible.

There are many ideas percolating and close to being ready. Stay tuned to see how the next 5 years play out.

Much love to each and every one of you!
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