Welcome to the Mystic’s Den

where we will dive into your questions on magic, spirituality, metaphysics, witchcraft, and mysticism. Where you will discover or enhance your personal magic with skills you can learn once and use for a lifetime.

Join us in the den and Grandma Fox will be your guide to modern soul work and magic development. Healing, Growth, and Expansion does not need to be heavy or difficult.  Let’s do this without “bypassing”. Let’s cut the BS and get to the root of the mysterious, mystical, and sometimes confusing realm of personal magic exploration and growth. 

Think of the den as mysticism meets life coaching. We will work on physical and mental well-being, as well as holistic healing practices to get back into our body to enhance our personal magic. Developing your intuition, clair’s,  and enhanced vibration requires connection within yourself – one of the goals of The Mystic Den is to teach you tools to help you find your magic.

The other goal is to demystify modern lore such as empathy vs empath, curses and hexes, intuition vs imagination, bypassing vs slogging thru, victim vs villain vs savior, how to – anxiety and depression, what is energy healing, “the ego is bad”, how to use a pendulum, crystals and their healing properties, and totem animals. This list is endless, but I want to answer your questions. All questions are welcome and will be answered.

I look forward to our discoveries through the live video sessions, your questions, and working 1-to-1 with you.

This is a Patreon membership. There are 3 tiers to choose from – Curiosity $11/month, Discovery $55/month, and *Integration $99/month.

Click the picture below to check out the tiers.

The memberships include a live Q+A video chat each month, a live healing video each month, a reference library of books and videos curated by me, and weekly text messages based on that months theme. Quarterly there will be a guest speaker and a nature bath meditation. These are the foundation of the tiers, what you will receive is based on the tier you purchase.

*To provide the best service possible, membership in the Integration tier is limited.

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