The Mystic’s Den – Classes Start September 4th!

Classes start September 4th!

I’m so nervcited y’all! Yes, that is a new word coined by my coach to help me with the feelings roiling around inside. Yes, even coaches have coaches. And yes, even coaches have nervous excitement “putting themselves out there”. This group has been a dream of mine for a couple years, but the timing wasn’t right until now.

All the questions I receive through the shop, private coaching, and at sound & energy healing sessions – we will address them all and then more.

This group will answer all of your questions and hopefully bring more questions to the surface. Let’s dive deep into this mystical, magical world we live in. Let’s make connections and build a joyful life.

Don’t worry, we will cover all the heavy stuff. Here’s my deal, I do not believe the heavy stuff has to be chronically heavy. I want to show you how to work the heavy in a way that doesn’t bog you down with feelings of guilt, or shame, or inadequacy.

It doesn’t have to be that way and I can show you how to make it light. How to find your light. How to find Joy on the path to self-healing and self-discovery.

We will discover what makes your soul sing and give you the tools to live a Thriving Life.

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I don’t believe in tying anyone to a long-term contract. That is why I set this up as a monthly membership rather than a year-long class. This comes from years of wanting to join classes and groups, but the cost being so far out of reach it was impossible. That is how I ended up here, with a widely varied toolbox of knowledge and a commitment to teaching it in an affordable container. I took classes I could afford, without specializing, and swore one day I would offer them in an affordable way.

We are all soul-full creatures and mystical knowledge is our birthright. We have to do the work, but we don’t have to pay a ridiculous price.

  • Membership at The Mystic’s Den is month to month.
  • You can stop and start whenever you want.
  • You can switch levels at any time.
  • At every level this membership is built for You.

Another option – I LOVE bartering – services or goods – bring me your offer and we will chat. Some things I’m currently in the market for – social media admin that can do all the things – video, sound, and landing pages, group moderator (future), cleaning service for the shop, small handy-man jobs, koshi chimes, crystal harp, shaman drum, herbalist to set up my apothecary.

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