Mind what you feed your mind

I was listening to a video this morning by a woman I greatly resonate with and she made a statement about eating the poison apple and that poison flowing through us and contaminating our mind, body, and soul. This sounded a deep resonation inside me.

There was a time I focused only on the negative – the parts that didn’t go exactly the way I expected them to. I worried, over-planned in anticipation of every possible scenario. My thoughts were full of what-if and automatically assumed the worst of people, situations, events. It is not a fun place to live.

Worry, negative thinking and self-talk, procrastination, assuming the worst, catastrophizing, all or nothing thinking, black and white thinking, hypercriticism, obsessive rumination, victim mentality, perfectionism, envy, comparison, fear of failure, toxic positivity – these are all poison apples. They may give you a sense of control over yourself and others, but its misleading and utterly false. Control by force is an illusion.

When you lead with compassion, insight, positivity, self-control, responsibility, a willingness to do what needs to be done, and humility, that is true control of yourself and your life.

Put down the poison apple – whatever it may be, tv, alcohol, smokes, excessive food, retail therapy, gambling, conspiracy theories, radical one-way thinking – just put it down and lighten your 24-7 load. Life is too short to be angry, vigilant, and unhappy.

All of these are a habit. Breaking habits takes dedication and mental effort. We all slip occasionally. Group support is available at The Mystic’s Den on Patreon. Or through individual coaching, message me, and we can set something up. Love, Sarah 💜💫

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