They are Your Mirror

They are Your Mirror I have always hated this statement. I have been in relationships with people who turn out to be judgmental, racist, chronically angry and depressed, unmotivated, shallow, vain, unwilling to learn or take action, substance abusers, and immersed in victim mentality. I have honestly resented “spiritual” teachers, mentors, and even memes that …

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How Do You Worship?

I recently had a conversation with my young-adult employees about the differences between worshiping and praying to deities, teachers, guides, gods, goddesses, or Divine Source. In this spiritual realm it is common to say “I pray to (insert name of preferred patron/god/goddess/ascended master) for guidance”. The conversation was insightful for me because I have never …

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Feelings, Emotions, Reactions – How to break the habit of reacting and start responding.

When you have a situation that makes you happy, joyful, excited, sad, angry, anxious, disappointed, or any feeling you experience – It. Is. All. You. It is a good time to learn how to own your emotions, your feelings, your reactions. Your re-actions are learned and become an ingrained, no-thought habit over time. Think of …

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Why aren’t you happy?

In numerous encounters this past week I had the privilege to chat with beautiful humans about happiness. And it came down to this… Why aren’t you happy? This world is chock FULL of choices, options, opportunities, yet so many are living unhappy lives. We have such a short time in this current human existence, why …

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Numerology & My Math Trauma

The math struggle is real for many of us. I remember the humiliation that caused my trauma and fear of math. It was third grade, my math teacher called me out for not grasping the higher multiplication tables. He said I was holding up the entire class. That one brief, off the cuff comment was …

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Bad Ass Boundaries

With the current state of affairs I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many people about who, what, why they are in the emotional state they are in. Boundaries keep showing up. What are boundaries? Do you use them to keep people out or to keep yourself in? For me boundaries are more about keeping …

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