Happy 5th Birthday!

Four Directions Alchemy is turning 5! Let’s Celebrate! It’s been a fast and fabulous 5+ years. I’m grateful for all the people and lessons brought my way. Family, friends, and customers – you have all made the past five years a blessing to me and and together we have developed a community. If you had

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Used Book Exchange

Need to clean out that overstuffed bookcase? 4DA accepts book donations. Drop off books related to any metaphysical or spiritual studies that you are ready to pass on to their next reader. We do equal exchange, 1 book for 1 book, or $1.00 each. The fee covers used books that I pick up to add

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You make the choices

Originally written by me on Oct 4, 2018. Minor editing by me today 💜 Early this morning my significant other and I had a convo about being tied to a job that sucks the life out of you. The hopelessness of it. The feeling that you “have no choice” due to the many responsibilities we

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They are Your Mirror

They are Your Mirror I have always hated this statement. I have been in relationships with people who turn out to be judgmental, racist, chronically angry and depressed, unmotivated, shallow, vain, unwilling to learn or take action, substance abusers, and immersed in victim mentality. I have honestly resented “spiritual” teachers, mentors, and even memes that

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