One Year ~ Thank You!

One year ago, this weekend, my mom and I kicked off a huge project, huge for us anyway. I had the biggest dumpster you could rent delivered to property I purchased seven months earlier and we went to work cleaning out the building that would become Four Directions Alchemy in five incredibly short weeks. The lead-up to this decision was seven months of city codes, architect, building contractor, and banking nightmare; obstacles and rejection on every path we tried. So, we decided to take the plunge, do it with what we had available to us and what we already owned. It has been a grand adventure I never anticipated in this lifetime. An education in our national business and financial systems. And the biggest, best lesson has been what I can accomplish with support from family, friends, and community.

In one day, mom and I filled half of a 30-yard dumpster to the top with leftovers from all the previous owners. With help from family and friends we hauled out enough trash to overfill that 30-yard dumpster. We swept up 100 years of dust bunnies, mouse houses, cig butts, lost coins, a never-ending supply of nuts & bolts, washers & nails, and miscellaneous small items. And we swept. And we swept. Old wood floors hold A LOT of dirt. We scrubbed floors, walls, and windows. We painted a little with help from family and friends. We made and trashed untold number of plans for the building and business as we worked through sprucing up 507 E. Dowland Street.

Two weeks into whirlwind remodel we had a no options break. We had promised the littles an end of school camping trip, so off we went to the east coast of Michigan to camp and see dinosaurs. It was three days we felt we didn’t have in terms of getting the building to opening condition, but as it goes, I wouldn’t trade that trip with my mom and my grandchildren for anything.

From the start of planning I educated myself and shopped for all things needed to run a retail and service business from Federal and State requirements to accounting systems to retail stock, mop buckets and wet floor signs, bags and tissue paper and cash register tape, and point of sale systems, marketing practices, costs & reach, consignment and rental practices; the list is huge and I could go on and on. Let’s go with it was mentally busy as well as was physically busy. A labor of love set upon to build a dream.
Target opening date, July 2nd, 2019. We did it! Four Directions Alchemy was a ready as we could make it in 5 weeks. We opened the door. And the people came. Thank you from my heart to yours for following our progress, shopping with us, reaching out and stopping by, sharing your gifts, talents, and time. Every opportunity has been a learning experience or a pleasure. Thank you.

One year later and we continue to work hard at sprucing up, fixing, adding to the building. 100-year-old buildings need a lot of loving attention. We are honored to become an established part of this local community, as well as building relationships with others of similar interest in the national and global communities. That saying we all know, it takes a village, is spot on. Community support is our lifeblood. Thank you for showing up in all the ways you do. I notice and appreciate every one of you that have shared social media posts, handed out business cards, posted flyers, brought in friends and family, shared emails, made recommendations, and shop here. I look forward too many years living in, working with, and supporting this community.

Blessings to you and yours for an abundant and prosperous year.
And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


My Duality

Listening to a talk on duality, light and dark, lightworkers and darkworkers, the light and the heavy…

For me this shines a bright light on my current lifetime, my path from childhood lightness to young adult darkness and back to experienced adult lightness.
In. This. Lifetime.

When we judge another person as good or bad we are limiting our experience. There is little doubt that what you see is what is happening in this moment. What I try to remember is that what I see isn’t the entire picture of that person. They are also an onion of experiences, emotions, and circumstances.

If you take a good look at your path, your decisions and actions, your circumstances judging others as good or bad, light or dark, worthy or worthless becomes pointless. We are aspects of both sides of the coin.

The Spiral of Life

This little reminder came up in conversation three times today so I’m sharing it with everyone.

Life is a spiral. Ever wonder why those old wounds randomly pop up? Especially those ones you thought you had laid to rest! I did.

Not long ago I had an epiphany, those life events you travel back to again and again have little to do with the actual event. You are being given the chance to view that event through your more mature, experienced viewfinder. Your higher self is saying you are ready to dissolve another layer of hurt. Another chance to work through the same event with a fresh new perspective. Another chance to lighten the load of heavy emotions.

So when that old wound visits you again, pat yourself on the back and say thank you to your higher self and your ego for agreeing that you are ready to heal another layer. 🌸Sarah

Kindness & Respect to Heal

I see the biases against all beings. Very few are exempt from the current perpetrators. All beings. I apologize for my ancestors actions against your ancestors, but more importantly I give loving forgiveness to my ancestors for the part they played in that history. I focus on treating all beings with kindness and respect. All beings. Kindness. Respect. All the time. I cannot control how any being reacts. I can only control me, my reactions. I choose to react with Kindness and Respect.

We are all in this together. My plea is for unity. To open our eyes and our hearts to seeing past divisions created by people we don’t personally know. To stop buying into every new way of thinking and dividing us from each other.

If I see you down, I will reach out my hand. Regardless of what you look like, man or beast. Kindness & Respect.

The Choice of Liberation

A poke from my subconscious – If you want to be liberated You have to make the choice to choose every move you make, every decision you make has to be the best one for You.

If you want to be liberated, free, happy…You have to decide to choose Your happy. Only You can make decisions for your highest good. And when you choose your highest good the people around you benefit from your peaceful loving happiness.

You always have choices. Sometimes those choices suck. So pick the least sucky one for you. The one you can not only live with, but feel good about making.

On the flip side is a smorgasbord of amazing choices. What to do with the overload? Start with self-control, pause and tune in to what you really, really want. Do not fall for instant gratification. Take your time. The one meant for you will still be there when you make your choice. Pause. Lean into your inner desires. Listen until your brain slows down, stops the comparison game, and says This One. Solid and firm, not over excited and giddy.

To be liberated learn how to make decisions.

Written by Sarah Domin, April 21, 2020

In Honor of Cookies

I want to talk about cookies. We are a month plus into shelter in place and I have been cookie free for about 18 days. Some days, like today, have been difficult, others range from not so much to not a thought given to my most favorite snack, the cookie. You see, I am trying to break a life-long sugar consumption habit. More on that another day. Right now the cookie is beckoning.

Early in my life cookies became a staple in my diet. I had two great grandmothers who were baking Goddesses. Both of them had an impressive selection of baked goods every time I visited. But one of them was the cookie baker. She always had at least 6 dozen cookies baked up, each a different flavor. It was cookie heaven at Grandma Marie’s house.

My earliest memory of eating cookies is with my Grandpa Don, sitting on his lap in front of his HAM radio eating fig newton’s. I was around age 3.

For a couple years my family lived in a tiny village that consisted of about 30 houses spread around four blocks. I was age 4 – 6. After I learned to ride my bicycle I developed a cookie route. I would go house to house to get whatever cookie the occupant had to give me. Most of these people were older, grandparent figures to me. I experienced the world of store bought cookies, creme wafers, windmills, ginger snaps, those little shortbread variety that come in tins, animal crackers, pecan candies, I’m sure there are more, this is the memorable list. We had a schedule and if I didn’t make it to them in a reasonable time they were calling my mom. I remember talking with my mom about this a while back, I was the highlight of their day as much as they were my source of cookies and fascinating stories to tell my mom when I got home.

I almost forgot the church across the street. They served cookies on Sunday. By age five I was taking myself to church every Sunday because the nice ladies took us kids to sing and do crafts and eat cookies while learning about a man named Jesus who loved us all. Gosh, this memory brings all the warm and fuzzy feels.

With a busy household and four kids, mom was happy to pass cookie baking on to us kids. I baked my first batch when I was 8 or 9. By age ten I was on pretty much my own for the basics, chocolate chip, peanutbutter, and oatmeal raisin. Mom kept the supplies stocked and I kept the cookie jar full. It was Great!

In my early adult life with kids, job, house, school. I didn’t have much time for baking. The great grandma’s and grandma’s were not baking like they used to. My kids were introduced to a mix of home baked and store bought. They haven’t said they mind and they inherited my love for the cookie.

As for me, currently, I am a big fan of fresh bakery cookies that someone else baked from scratch. The convenience of buying as many as I want rather than a big package as well as a variety fits my needs perfectly.

Thank you for sharing a memory with me. I’m off to enjoy fresh lemon cookies from the local Amish bakery and reminisce on my brazen younger self that wasn’t afraid to ask a stranger for a cookie. ?? written by Sarah Domin, April 18, 2020