Pop-Up Vend, Rent & Consignment

Pop-Up Vend

Do you want to showcase your art or cottage craft without the competition of other vendors? You will be the sole vendor. 

This is a great opportunity to expand your customer base with complete focus on you and your product.

Reach out to chat about vend space.


Price by Room

  • Private Room $80.00
  • Public area $60.00

Prices listed above are for day rental of rooms.

Room Descriptions

  • Private rooms:
    • Smaller room, 8 1/2′ x 7′, with table & 2 chairs
    • Larger room 11′ x 9′ with body work table
  • Public area: approximately 16′ x 20′, is adjacent to the retail area and open to public view

Optional Lease Information

These rooms are also available for lease at a discounted rate. This is perfect for anyone starting a new business in body work, energy work, psychic work.

I offer shared lease space – that means you pick your day, sign a lease for that day each week (or multiple days), and the room is yours for the duration of the lease.

Rent/lease is based on how many days a month you sign for.
Rental/Lease prices are significantly lower than by-the-day pricing. Contact me to discuss details.

Other Important Lease Information

Tenant is responsible for their own appointment calendar and customer payments (including cash, credit card, electronic payments such as PayPal or Venmo, or any other form of payment they agree upon with the customer).
Tenant will maintain appropriate insurance for their service/business. Four Directions Alchemy maintains insurance for the building and property.
Tenant will be able to provide licensing or other accreditation upon signing lease/rental agreement.
The rental contract spells out all requirements between Four Directions Alchemy & the Leasee. If you would like to review a copy please reach out via the contact form Here.


Four Directions Alchemy is proud to spotlight and host local artists and cottage products. 

Currently the shop has a variety of products from paintings to organic body care to locally poured candles. Dream catchers, jewelry, metaphysical tools, Michigan rocks, and home goods. Honey products and Maple Syrup all sourced in West Michigan. 

If you are looking for a place to host your product or art, in an area that boasts year-round tourism, check out Four Directions Alchemy.  I love the odd, unusual, outside-the-box art and products. If you think its weird, its probably a good fit.

I provide a professional contract that details my responsibilities, as well as yours. If you are interested in learning more reach out through the contact form Here.

I look forward to chatting with you about your passion. 


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