Multidimensional Healing - Let's Explore It.

Understanding Sound Healing and Energy Healing in Multidimensional Practices

Multidimensional healing practices recognize that our existence is more than just our physical body. It acknowledges the presence of subtle energy fields and layers of consciousness that contribute to our overall well-being. Sound healing and energy healing are two effective tools that fit perfectly into this framework, offering potent solutions to imbalances and promoting health on various levels.

Sound Healing:

  • Resonance and Entrainment: Sound waves create vibrations that resonate with different parts of our physical and energetic bodies. Specific frequencies can entrain our brainwaves, influencing our emotional state, and even impacting cell regeneration. Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs are often used in this way.
  • Harmonic Alignment: Different sounds and musical intervals align with various energy centers (chakras) and meridians in our subtle body. Harmonious music can restore balance and unblock stagnant energy, promoting healing and vitality.
  • Emotional Release: Certain sounds and rhythms can evoke specific emotions and trigger cathartic release. This can be beneficial for processing past trauma, clearing emotional blockages, and opening the heart to greater joy and peace.

Energy Healing:

  • Meridian and Chakra Balancing: Techniques like Reiki, acupressure, and Pranayama work with the flow of energy through our meridians and chakras. By clearing blockages and promoting balanced flow, these practices can address physical ailments, emotional imbalances, and spiritual disharmony.
  • Aura Cleansing and Protection: Multidimensional healing often acknowledges the presence of an aura, a luminous energy field surrounding the body. Cleansing and strengthening the aura can protect against negative energies and promote feelings of safety and well-being.
  • Guided Visualization and Intention Setting: Visualizing healing energy flowing through the body or setting powerful intentions can focus energy for healing and transformation. This practice works on the mental and emotional levels, influencing the subtle body and ultimately impacting the physical.

Synergy in Multidimensional Healing:

Multidimensional practices work in synergy between these modalities. For example, sound healing can prepare the body and energy field for deeper work with Reiki. Likewise, energy healing can clear blockages that may be hindering the effectiveness of sound therapy.

By addressing our well-being on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – multidimensional healing offers a powerful path for holistic transformation. Sound healing and energy healing, with their unique capabilities, are valuable tools for this journey, helping us achieve deeper healing, greater balance, and a more vibrant connection to our multidimensional selves.

Remember: The effectiveness of these practices can vary depending on individual beliefs and receptivity. However, their integration within a multidimensional framework offers a fascinating approach to wellness and personal growth.

I hope my explanation has helped you gain a better understanding of multidimensional healing practices. If you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Just Sound

Get your zen on with a mystical hour of sound therapy that’ll make you feel like a floaty feather on a gentle breeze. Soak up the hypnotic harmony of Tibetan and Quartz singing bowls, and a host of other instruments engineered to unlock your mind and body. Your journey will take you through a 10-minute guided relaxation, 40 minutes of soul-soothing sound therapy. And, as you come back to reality, you’ll have 10 minutes of guided meditation and a Q&A to help you stay in that peaceful state.

$100.00 – up to 10 attendees in a session

*I am not a physician.
*I am not giving medical advice.
*Seek a medical professional for any physical/mental issues guidance. 

Need a budget friendly option? Click the link below to pick your date & time for a group sound bath. Tickets are required due to limited space. 

A private sound bath at your location is the ultimate relaxation experience.

I’m able to work indoors and outdoors.

From a single person up to a large group. 

Schedule a chat here.

Cost: $20.00/person + $50/hr travel & set-up = Let’s chat about total cost*

I love collaborations too! Opening ceremonies. Relaxation Yoga. Retreats. Educational events. Psychic/Holistic fairs. 

Do you have a fantastic location with great acoustics? Let’s collaborate!

*pricing for public groups available

Exploring the World of Sound Healing: How I Got Hooked On Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks
While advancing my energy healing education, I discovered Sound Healing and it felt like a natural addition to my practice. From my first singing bowl, I was hooked. Over time, I gradually added more bowls, tuning forks, and eventually, the big bowl and gong. Although I have taken sound therapy certification courses, I prefer to play my healing sessions and sound baths “by feel”, intuition and harmony.
If you’ve never experienced a full hour-long sound bath or healing session with the bowls, I highly recommend it. It’s a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.
Currently, I host five general admission sound baths a month at the Four Directions Alchemy Ludington location. I also travel to perform. You can find the schedule for these events by signing up for email updates or checking out my profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. 

My certifications & areas of study include:
Usui Reiki Master – Universal Lifeforce Energy Healing (Master Attuned)
Violet Flame Reiki Healing – Accelerated Consciousness & Spirituality (Master Attuned)
Seichim Healing – Unity & Balance within (Master Attuned)
Shamballa – Spiritual Development with the Antakharana (Master Attuned)
Blue Star Celestial Healing – Rainbow Bridge awareness & development (Master Attuned)
Rainbow Sacred Stone Healing – Crystals attuned to specific chakras and elements (Master Attuned)
Sound Healing – Tuning forks, Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning, Drum, Rain Stick, Solfeggio Tones, Chanting Mantra – (certification & extended study)
Tapping – Change Habits & Thinking Processes, Move stuck energy (extended study)
Shamanic Healing Practices (extended ongoing studies)
E.D.I.N.A. Multidimensional Healing (initiated)
Oracle Card Readings
Spiritual Life Coaching (certification & extended ongoing studies)
35+ Years of Spiritual, Holistic, & Metaphysical Exploration, Study, and Training

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