Multidimensional Energy Healing

Out of sorts and need a relaxing, rejuvenating hour of bliss?
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Creatively blocked?
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Multidimensional healing encompasses the mind, body and spirit. I use a combination of sound vibration, tapping, and energy healing to channel and move Universal Life Force Energy through your energy centers and meridians to balance your energy body. 

$80 Multidimensional Sound & Energy Healing session

My certifications include:
Usui Reiki Master – Universal Lifeforce Energy Healing
Violet Flame Reiki Healing – Accelerated Consciousness & Spirituality
Seichim Healing – Unity & Balance within
Shamballa – Spiritual Development with the Antakharana
Blue Star Celestial Healing – Rainbow Bridge awareness & development
Rainbow Sacred Stone Healing – Crystals attuned to specific chakras and elements
Sound Healing – Tuning forks, Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning, Drum, Rain Stick, Solfeggio Tones, Chanting Mantra
Tapping – Change Habits & Thinking Processes, Move stuck energy
Shamanic Healing Practices
E.D.I.N.A. Multidimensional Healing
Oracle Card Readings
Spiritual Life Coaching
35+ Years of Spiritual, Holistic, & Metaphysical Exploration, Study, and Training

Sound Bath Relaxation & Healing

Sound therapy has been used for at least 40,000 years. The vibration of the healing sound tools work with the vibration of our cells to facilitate full body relaxation. It de-stresses, which can help with headaches, blood pressure, insomnia and more. It boosts immunity response and is being used by many major medical facilities. Sound healing is a time tested and growing modality in modern medicine.  

One hour of bliss is found through a 10 minute guided, full-body relaxation followed by 40 minutes of relaxing and healing sound therapy using gong, singing bowls and other sound tools. A 10 minute guided return to consciousness and Q|A to close out the session.

$100.00 – up to 4 attendees in a session

*I am not a physician.
*I am not giving medical advice.
*Seek a medical professional for any physical/mental issues guidance. 

Sound Healing came to me as I advanced my energy healing education. It was a natural addition to my practice. After receiving my first singing bowl I was hooked. I slowly added more bowls, tuning forks, and then the big bowl and gong. I have taken a couple sound therapy certification courses, but my healing sessions and sound baths are played “by feel” and harmony.

There is nothing quite like a full hour long sound bath or healing session with the bowls. I highly recommend building a regular sound bathing practice.

I am currently hosting 2 sound baths a month at Four Directions Alchemy, and traveling to perform. The schedule is emailed monthly. Sign up for emails or check FB, IG, or Google.

Sound Bath Your Way

A private sound bath at your location is the ultimate relaxation experience.

I’m able to work indoors and outdoors.

From a single person up to a large group. 

Schedule a chat here.

Cost: $25.00/person + $50/hr travel & set-up = Let’s chat about total cost*

I love collaborations too! Opening ceremonies. Relaxation Yoga. Retreats. Educational events. Psychic/Holistic fairs. 

Do you have a fantastic location with great acoustics? Let’s collaborate!

*pricing for public groups available

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