Spiritual Guidance & Exploration

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I am here to provide assistance while you explore Your Spiritual path.

Oxford Dictionary defines Spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”.

What does Spirituality mean to you? Does it bring to mind religion, or some heathen practice, or some woo-woo new age weird beliefs?

I believe Spirituality is bigger than all of those, yet encompasses them all. It moves you beyond a set of rules and one higher being. Spirituality will lead you to your Divine self. It will open the door to exploring your Divinity, your connection to the Divine and every other thing in this Universe. When we explore Spirituality we are peeling back the layers of teachings and beliefs we have accumulated over our lifetime from our families, friends, co-workers, religious figures, and media.

In our Spiritual Coaching meetings we will peel back those layers to find what truly speaks to your heart. What feels Right and Divine to You. I will assist you on this path of Spiritual exploration and development through the use of intuitive coaching, energy work, card readings, and homework assignments. I will assist you in exploring what makes Your Soul Shine.

Cost: Single Session $50.00

Four 1 hr Session package $180.00

Eight 1 hr Session package $320.00

We can meet face to face at Four Directions Alchemy or virtually via Zoom or FB video chat.

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I am deeply honored to have you here on my page, reading my offerings. If this resonates with you I will honor you, in your journey, in deepest regard. With no judgement. And in the purest Divine truth, love, and wisdom.