10,000 Hours

I recently had a conversation with the guy sitting next to me at the bar where I had gone for dinner. We talked about many things from monetizing college football to salmon fishing to growing up on the water to corporate work vs being self-employed. Three hours slipped right by. One particular part of our …

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Meet Grandma Fox

Who is Grandma Fox? Hi, my name is Sarah, also known as Grandma Fox. I am a daughter, mother, and grandmother. I am Crone, the Wise Woman. Seasoned with life lessons and formal education. I am Medicine Woman. Filled with Spirit, Healing Energy, and Intuition. I am your Guide at The Mystic’s Den. Join me …

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Welcome to the Mystic’s Den

Mysticism meets life coaching – meet me in the den to demystify modern lore, discover or enhance your magic, and learn to live intuitively.

Usui Reiki Home-Study & Attunement

This home study course prepares you to be attuned to all 3 degrees of Usui Reiki – Reiki One – Shoden, Reiki Two – Okuden, Reiki Three – Shinpiden. This course prepares you for Master level practice and gives you the tools to teach. Once you are ready for attunement its a simple email to schedule your distance attunement.

You make the choices

Originally written by me on Oct 4, 2018. Minor editing by me today 💜 Early this morning my significant other and I had a convo about being tied to a job that sucks the life out of you. The hopelessness of it. The feeling that you “have no choice” due to the many responsibilities we …

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They are Your Mirror

They are Your Mirror I have always hated this statement. I have been in relationships with people who turn out to be judgmental, racist, chronically angry and depressed, unmotivated, shallow, vain, unwilling to learn or take action, substance abusers, and immersed in victim mentality. I have honestly resented “spiritual” teachers, mentors, and even memes that …

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